Dear Nannies,

Being a nanny is hard work, that's why you have to love your job!
We want to find a family for you that fits your personality and lifestyle. At the most basic level, you must be able to connect with your potential employers. When we pick your family, you become parenting partners with them. Since parents depend on you, so that they can work or fulfill their personal obligations, they will expect you to ensure their children’s safety and well-being at all times. Parents trust you to make decisions based on their preferences and childrearing philosophies.  this means you need to understand their children's physical, emotional, intellectual and social needs.
Since you spend a great deal of time with children, you must be responsible, trustworthy, dependable, reliable, nurturing, patient and kind. Being a nanny is not a second choice job.  It requires passion, creativity, time management, social skills and more.
Besides taking care of children, your tasks could include preparing meals and snacks, bathing and dressing the children, changing diapers, toilet training and supporting hygienic habits. Your family might ask you to do the children’s laundry and keep the children’s areas neat, clean and tidy.

We know that you are not responsible for general housekeeping tasks, (unless a specific agreement has been made.)  we make sure your family and you are on the same page when it comes to your duties.

To assure we can find the best match, we will set up a personal consultation. This way we can talk about your wishes and preferences in person.

After a successful interview, reference and background check, you will become a part of our agency for free and we will do our best to find the perfect family just for you!


Join Nina's Nannies!
At Nina's Nannies we care about you!
One of the reasons we founded this agency was to ensure Nannies get placed in safe families where they get treated with respect.
We work on a personal level and want our Nannies and families to be happy. We care about every single match, therefore you are not obligated to pursue a business relationship with a family you think isn't a good match for you.
the distinguishing feature of Nina's Nannies is the art of matchmaking, which is based on chemistry, lifestyle and other personal preferences. you won't find this in any  online matchmaking provider.
We also provide a written work agreement to you and your future family, that helps secure a successful placement as the family and you are able to iron out important employment details prior to beginning your working relationship.

we interview all of our families at their house to ensure a safe work environment for you.
We don't take your money! We don't charge registration costs and we don't take cuts of your paycheck. Being a Nanny is a hard job and every penny you make belongs into your pocket, not ours!
Why waste time online if we can do the job for you?
Children love a Granny-Nanny
You are NEVER TOO OLD to nanny!
Do you miss having children around? do you Remember the good times of smiles, happiness and laughter?
Do you long to have a relationship and be part of a family again? Maybe you don't have any close family or grandchildren around but would love to buld new relationships? whether you are retired, would like to have additional income or if you dislike your current job, nina's nannies could be a good fit for you.
Have you ever considered becoming a nanny? 
It's never to late to make a life change.
If you feel physically and mentally able to take care of children as a side job or even in a full-time position, why not give it a try? Families love Nannies with experience and good values.
Good care has no age limit

Qualification Requirements

No degree is required, (Most of ourfamilies prefer a Nanny with degrees in early childhood education, child development, psychology, family studies, special education or other child-related subjects..) Strong communication, instructional and social skills are still more important.
No experiences? No problem!
almost Every family wants a nanny that has experience, but you have to start out somewhere, right?! even though experience is greatly valued, chances are we can find a family that would allow you to begin your career with them..
A drivers license is commonly requested by families but not always required. You have to be legally authorized to work in the USA and possess a CPR and first aid certification. 
background check
The following records will be checked: driving record, National Criminal Report, County Criminal Report, international sex offender registry and National Terrorist List. You need to have a 100% clean record to join nina's nannies.
Nannies need to have passion!
You will be asked to provide three references of previous families you worked for or other employers of child related positions. In addition you are welcome to provide us any written letters of recommendations you may have.
Being a nanny is tough - that's why you have to have a great attitude, a lot of energy and passion. Remember: you are a going to be the "fill-in-parent" which gives you a lot of responsibilty. children grow and develop fast, so everyday is going to be filled with new challenges starting at "i dont want to go to school" in the morning to "i don't want to go to bed" at night. Nannies have to love their job!