Dear Parents,

Finding a trustworthy nanny is hard..
When it comes to your children, you don't want to settle for a good nanny, you want a great one! You deserve to have a quality nanny that complements your family values and matches your needs, wishes and expectations. Someone who is responsible, smart, reliable and who will love and care for your child with compassion. Somebody who will be nurturing, patient and kind.
To find this special nanny you go through a lot of trouble, time and money, that's why Nina's Nannies is here to help. Finding a nanny that fits your family’s needs can be time consuming and costly.  We can help you with this process in a caring, efficient and cost-effective manner.
Nina's Nannies is not like other faceless nanny services.
We will take the time to get to know you and what you are looking for in a nanny. Then, find you the right person for your families needs..

All of our Nannies have experiences in working with children. Most of them have degrees in early childhood education, child development, psychology, family studies, special education and other child-related subjects, SOme join the agency with Daycare, Babysitting or Nanny experiences.
We have teachers, moms, students and career changers but all of them have one thing in common:
They love working with children.

Each family is our top priority and we offer the following personalized services to enhance your overall satisfaction.
All of our nannies go through a personal interview where we evaluate work experience, skills and child-rearing philosophies as well as hobbies, passion, personality and preferred rates. We run an extensive background check that follows the FCRA guidelines, make reference calls, scan and verify documents and require our Nannies to be CPR and First Aid certified. 
to clarify expectations, as well as clearly define all tasks and responsibilities, we provide a written work agreement For you to use when hiring a candidate.
Why waste time online with interviews, profiles, background-, reference checks and more if
we can do the job for you?
Enjoy more time with your children and join Nina's Nannies today.


Let's make this easy:
We think it is fair for our Nannies to keep all the money they make;
that's why we do not take a cut out of their pay. 

Our referral fee is a one-time investment for a long-term Nanny-Family relationship.

We charge a one-time referral fee, once you hire one of our Nannies, and a
$200.00 non-refundable DEPOSIT that is payable by the time of the personal consultation.

The total referral fee, including the down payment, is:

$575.00 for a temporary Nanny (less than 3 months)
$775.00 for a part-time Nanny (0-34 hours per week)
$975.00 for a full-time Nanny (35+ hours per week) 

Full amount is payable upon the Nanny accepting a family's offer
no later than 24 hours before the Nannies first day of work.
(For more detailed information please see our Client Service Agreement as stated below) 

Payments can be made via cash, check or paypal and include the following services:

  • Personalized consultation with one of our placement specialists at a time of your choice 
  • Nanny background screening including:
 -Social Security Number Trace
 -Motor Vehicle Driving Records
 -Nationwide Registered Sex Offender Searches 
 -FCRA Adverse Action Letter Administration  
 -State criminal record searches 
 -Cuyahoga County background check
 -Nationwide criminal background check
  • Personal and professional matchmaking service to find the best Nanny for your family's needs
  • Three Nanny reference checks of previous employers via phone
  • Option to switch to another Nanny if you are not satisfied within 90 days of hire, free of charge
  • In-person Nanny interview
  • Nanny document scan, review and evaluation (Resume, CPR and First-Aid license, driver license)
  • Nanny-Family work agreement that helps secure a successful placement as the Nanny and you are able to iron out important employment details prior to beginning their working relationship
  • 24 hours customer service, 7 days a week
  • Experienced Nannies that will love their job and cherish your children

Client Service Agreement

"How long does it take...

Until you find a Nanny for us?"

One of the most asked questions is, how long it will take us to find a match!

Finding the right Nanny for your family can take anything between 12 hours and 2 months, depending on different criteria such as:

-Work hours
-Age of children
-Number of children
-Special needs or multiples 
-additional requirements

Since we are a matchmaking agency, we Thrive to find the perfect match for your family,

It's important to us that we find someone who matches your lifestyle and requirements for  a long-term relationship with your family.